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Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance

At Fresh RCM, we understand the critical importance of accuracy and compliance in your dermatology practice billing. Our comprehensive audit services are designed to identify and rectify any discrepancies in your billing and coding processes, ensuring your practice operates efficiently and within federal regulatory guidelines.

What We Offer

Our audit services provide you with the peace of mind that your RCM processes are accurate, compliant, clinical documentation standards and optimized for maximum efficiency and revenue.

Coding Audit
Billing & Claim Audit
AR Audit
Compliance Audit
Coding Audit

Our Coding Audits process involves meticulously reviewing your medical records to verify that all coding is both accurate and compliant with CMS and payer-specific standards. This process helps reduce the risk of claim denials and external audits, ensuring that your practice maintains optimal efficiency and receives the appropriate reimbursements. We aim to support your practice by enhancing coding accuracy and compliance, leading to smoother operations and improved revenue cycles.