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Expert Medical Billing and Coding Services Tailored for Dermatology Practices


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At Fresh RCM, we specialize in providing excellent Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services designed exclusively for dermatology practices.
  • Dermatology Billing Experts
  • Tailored adaptable solutions
  • Value-added partnerships
  • Prioritized strategic advisory
  • Tech enabled revenue cycle

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Our expert team ensures your billing and coding processes are


Reduced claim turnaround time, Enhanced cash flow.


High clean claims, fast payments, transparent reporting.


Adheres to HIPAA, OIG, CMS standards, follows payor guidelines.

Patient Focused

Enhances experience, fosters trust and satisfaction.

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Comprehensive Medical Billing and Coding Services Tailored for Dermatology Practices

Simple. Trusted. Transparent.

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

1. How is Fresh RCM different?

We at Fresh RCM exclusively work with dermatology practices, making us a leader in dermatology billing and RCM. Our strength is working with you as a team rather than an external biller. Our accuracy directly contributes to more collections, fewer denials, and faster turnaround times. Your dedicated account manager is available to work with you round the clock to make sure you get all your questions answered on time!

2. Do I have to change software?

We can work with your existing system, but we'll recommend better solutions if needed.

3. How much do you charge?

We charge practices between 2.5% and 4.95%, depending on their volume and complexity.

4. Do you provide regular/performance reports?

Yes, absolutely. Providing practice transparency and timely reporting is integral to our core values for ensuring success.

5. What is your turnaround time for billing and coding?

We typically code and bill out your claims within 24-48 hours after finalizing the medical records.

6. How do I get my questions answered?

You get realtime support from your dedicated account manager through phone, email and text.